The Office of University Counsel (“OUC”) was established to align legal services across the University within a single office. OUC provides expert, timely and coordinated legal services that address the complex legal landscape of the University of Toronto—a world-renowned institution for excellence in academia and research-intensive education.

Our Mission Statement

OUC strives to provide timely and thoughtful advice on diverse legal issues the University confronts in pursuit of its mission.  We support the University’s dynamic educational environment by providing legal advice to foster sound decision-making in all areas of operation, instruction, research, and administration.

Our Priorities

  • Service Excellence
    OUC is committed to providing thoughtful, practical and holistic legal advice on a timely basis. This website sets out processes to help users easily access our services to efficiently obtain the advice they need.
  • Integration
    The structure of OUC fosters collaboration and integration of the University’s legal services. Guided by our commitment to deeper alignment and knowledge transfer, OUC’s focus on coordination of services benefits users with consistent and informed legal advice.
  • Development
    OUC is committed to the ongoing professional development of our team members. As the new home for University counsel, our goal is to ensure that all members of the team develop and grow through the vast array of professional opportunities offered when working for a world-class institution like the University of Toronto. We are committed to sharing our experiences through our student programs and contributing to the University sector and legal community.

Who We Serve

We provide legal services to members of the University community in matters related to the fulfillment of the University’s institutional purpose.

We are not able to provide legal services to members of the University community in personal matters.

We are not able to provide legal services to students, learners, and external parties.

Meet the Team

People Services Corporate Services
University Counsel & Chief Legal Officer
Associate University Counsel (Corporate)
Associate University Counsel (People)
Information & Project Coordinator
Office Manager

Organizational Chart

Office Protocols

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Student Programs

In keeping with the University’s priority of providing transformative education, OUC offers work-integrated learning initiatives for law students through summer placements and recent law graduates through its articling program.

Our Services

OUC provides a wide array of in-house legal services to members of the University of Toronto community. Learn more about what we do and how we can help.