Who signs academic divisional contracts?

Who signs academic divisional contracts under the Policy on Approval and Execution of Contracts and Documents?  

Contract TypeSignatoryWhere to start
Capital Project Contracts & LeasesYES; Division of the Vice-President, Operations & Real Estate PartnershipsRARELY Divisional Operations
Student Exchange & Mobility ContractsYES; Office of
the Vice-Provost Students
NO Centre for International
Experience via
Research Grants & Contracts YES; Division of the Vice-President, Research, Innovation & Strategic Initiatives NO; exceptions are research service contracts because service contracts are generally executed at the divisional level.innovations.partnerships@utoronto.ca
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International Memorandums of Understanding YES; if there is multidivisional impact: Office of the Vice-President, International YES; if no other divisions involved in the activity international@utoronto.ca

Donation & Gift Contracts YES; Office of the Vice-President, Advancement YES; if divisional co-signature required Divisional Advancement
Student Placement Contracts RARELY, unless contract deviates from template and there is VP and Decanal support overall: Office of the Vice-Provost, Students YES; if the agreement aligns with template contract placements@utoronto.ca
Offers of Employment & Independent Contractor Agreements NO YES;if using HR templates, process, and procedures Divisional HR
Goods & Services YES; if tri-campus YES strategic.sourcing@utoronto.ca